SanTan Solar COVID-19 Response

A Message From The President of SanTan Solar:

The health and safety of our valued customers and team members is of great importance to us. Like all of you, we are very concerned about the impact COVID-19 is having on communities around the world. In these difficult and unsettling times, I want to assure you SanTan Solar will remain open while embracing guidelines set forth by the CDC and local government leaders. Below are the steps we are taking to ensure the safety and protection of both our customers and our employees.

Safety is our first priority

These are unprecedented times and require us to work together to keep our doors open while maintaining a safe and healthy environment. We are following the guidelines set in place by the CDC and WHO. We require any employee that feels unwell to stay home and seek medical attention.


Our warehouse employees wear face masks and gloves at all times while handling the solar panels. Every time their gloves are removed and prior to putting on new gloves, they wash/sanitize their hands. We take great precautions with our solar panels. Before we ship any panels, they undergo a rigorous cleaning process. We also sanitize our reception area after every customer interaction. All customer interactions will be handshake free.


We encourage you to use our website to purchase solar panels from the comfort of your home. Our phone lines and the chat box on our website are available for you to ask any solar question to one of our expert technicians during our office hours.


In these ever-changing times, we are committed to your safety and the safety of our team members. As the government and health experts share new guidelines, we may need to make further changes to our business operations. Through it all, we will do what is in the best interests of the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Frequently asked questions as they relate to COVID-19:

Yes, we are still open for pick-ups. When you arrive, we have a local pick-up phone number to call that will check the order and make sure it is good to go. They will instruct you on where to go to pick up your panels. This limits the number of people our customers and employees will interact with in-person.

Yes, you can come to our office to place an order. Our reception area is closed to customers, but our showroom is open to view panels and make purchases. We encourage you to purchase online or over the phone at 480-584-4281. We are currently still allowing will-call for local pick-ups. 

We’ve increased our efforts to keep our equipment clean and our employees aware of the appropriate ways to interact with you based on CDC guidelines, including:

    • Practicing social distancing
    • Avoiding any person-to-person contact (sorry… we’ll shake your hand after this pandemic)
    • Washing their hands after every customer interaction
    • Cleaning and sanitizing all equipment and solar panels
    • Requiring any employee that feels unwell stays home and seeks medical attention
    • Monitoring and communicating changes on a regular basis

Like you, many are wanting to have self-sufficient energy in these ever-changing times. This means it may take longer than our standard 3-5 business day handling time. We have also added additional sanitizing steps when preparing your order, which adds to the handling time. We will continue to keep you posted with the status of your order. We appreciate your patience!

Thank You!

Thanks for visiting our website! In an effort to support and encourage social distancing, we are offering 5% off purchases made online.


Use promo code: STAYSAFE


Wash your hands and stay safe out there!


-Bob Lawrence (President of SanTan Solar)